Hiding away today.

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This is my 6th week with the LD team looking after me and overall it is working well. I am just about stable and starting to get a good idea of what a sustainable output is. In some areas (like doing a weekly shop and my speech) the progress is really encoraging.

On a typical night i am getting between 2 and 4 hours of sleep. That’s not really enough for me to able to manage all day, but it is enough i can get the basics done. It’s not really enough sleep to enable me to focus or to feel very safe at home. Today is a really good example, i am feeling pretty spacy so i have hidden away at the cafe. It feels safer here and i can be a bit dozey without getting anxious. I am very slow today, but i am calm and getting some stuff done.

It’s good to have found something stable. The next steps are to find ways to expand it out. For example, we’re exploring medication to see if i can sleep better, and we’re also looking at new places i can go during the day where i feel more comfortable. More sleep and less alone time during the day should really help me make the most of my independence.

I’m going to finish up this post now and get back to work! I am writing some presentations ready for a trip to the USA later this month. Ironically, as the trip has 24/7 support built into it, i will probably find it easier than the long anxious days home alone!


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