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i wrote this yesterday. But only edited and posted it today.

Today was my assessment for PIP. It was a big and very difficult adventure but I am really proud and happy it went so well.

This was my first time I’d been taken someone new by the new support team. It’s the first time I’ve been able to get to that sort of thing without needing to rely on friends.

It was a big step outside of what I am ready for so it did end with lots of overload. For the assessment itself I was fighting off a shutdown and curled up with lion in the corner. Hardly my best state but not a huge surprise.

However I didn’t have a panic attack or meltdown and while I couldn’t interact I did stay calm.

I feel like I’ve been run over and am super sore now. We got home a few hours ago and I am still unwinding.

We took the buggy with us but didn’t use it. Having it with us gave us options and took away some of the pressure. It was super useful.

It’s nice to know that we can make this sort of thing work. It’s not something I can do often. We will go back to a slow build up so in the future I can do this sort of thing without the overload.

No idea what the outcome of PIP will be but proud I manage to make it too the assessment and back.


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