Week 71 - Stuck in my room.

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I am happy my freinds are less stressed now the LD team is looking after me. I am also happy i can go shopping once a week and pick whatever food i want. I feel calmer and more stable and my speech is improving.

However, i really don’t like being trapped in my bedroom so much and i don’t really know what to do about it.

I can sort of leave my room for short trips into the lounge as long as the lounge is empty. I feel like a ninja stalking an enemy castle. Sometimes i don’t have the energy or am too wobbly to try.

This isn’t a new challenge. I’ve always found it really difficult to interact with people who are supporting me. This is made harder due to communication issues.

I’m not really sure what to do. We’re going to to spend some more time with me interacting with the support people at the cafe where i feel safe. See if it helps if i trust them more.

It’s super frustrating that someone who can teach me to cook and support me to do my own dinner etc is stood just the other side of a wall, but due to elephants and anxiety i can’t leave my room. Forcing it just makes it worse.

I want to use the supported time to do more things and they are ready and able to help me do more things, i just cant seem to make my body calm enough to let me.


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