Week 68 - So far so good.

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Today is my third morning since we started the new support plan and so far it’s going pretty well. To make it simple, for the first 5 nights the support person i know best has been looking after me and thats gone well.

I’m interacting more than i managed before. On friday we managed to chat using the computer for a while and i also did a bath both nights. I’m not sleeping very well at night so i am taking naps in the afternoon to recharge.

Yesterday was really nice. I went to see my freind and help fix the car (we got it working which is awesome!) and then i came home for a nap. Then later in the evening i went to Tesco with the support lady.

We had been before but this time went better. I was more relaxed and it was less busy. It was a bit of a spaced out adventure but i got lots of food for the week.

Today i am resting lots. I don’t like being home alone much. But i am trying to keep myself distracted. I watched a TV show about making engines and i watched a TV show about beach buggies.

A good start so far. Two more nights with the support lady i know best, then a freind is coming to stay then two nights with a support lady i dont know very well then a weekend away.

I will write some other time about how it works but it is working and that is awesome.


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