Week 67 - Independence starts tomorrow.

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My new routine starts tomorrow and it’s a bit scary but also very exciting. We are starting with 5 nights at my flat with the learning disabillity team looking after me.

It’s the first time my freinds have had 5 nights without needing to help me since 2015. It’s taken a really long time to get the support in place and my freinds deserve a break!

The focus for the first week is just to get stable and see how my energy levels work. I’ve been careful to try and minimise demands from work and other things for the next week.

If all goes well for the 5 day block, then we will do a 2 day block after it before i go visit my freinds for a weekend (and hopefully spending some time working on the car if i have the energy and am not too spaced out).

I know it’s going to be tough, i think the biggest challenge will be managing energy levels and anxiety. I probably won’t sleep very well, so the longer we keep going the more crucial it is to pace myself carefully.

I am amazingly lucky to get this chance to rebuild my independence and i cant wait to make the most of it.


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