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As we get towards the end of 2016 i wanted to document my support network now and also write a bit about the changes which are coming in 2017.

Support network today

I have a home of my own where i am slowly becoming more independent. For the most part my freinds look after me. They visit most evenings and i go to stay with them each weekend.

To help my freinds we have a babysitter as an informal helper. She basically does the hours my freinds are unable to do and also acts as a flexible glue between my normal routine and anything different.

Finally, the learning disability team are providing support to help me learn and to help me develop my skills. I am still getting to know them the team but they have been very helpful. They already support me for one night a week and are helping me with life admin stuff.

Support Network in 2017

Between now and 2017 not much is changing. I am going to continue getting to know the learning disability team members ready for 2017 when they will take over the majority of my care daytime and evening. I may even start visiting the hub again.

My freinds will help me too, but not as much. They will still see me lots (6 days out of 14) but not as much as now and they wont be under anywhere near as much pressure.

We will almost certainly also keep a babysitter too. We need to have something flexable where someone we know and trust can come look after me at short notice. Hopefully this will involve more interaction in the future. I’d love to be able to visit the park and start riding my bike etc.

The funding.

This is at least the plan. It all somewhat depends on the money. We have started the process to get the new arrangement funded but we dont yet know the outcome. We just have to hope for the best.


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