Week 54 - Abandon Office, Abandon Office...

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Abandon Office, Abandon Office…

I think most people have come across "Parkinson’s law" before. It’s the law that states: "work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion"

It’s also used for other things, in my case i’d write it as "Possessions expands so as to fill the space you have for them". Which is why, less than 3 months after moving to a much bigger flat with more space, i have managed too run out of space and have to make compromises.

I need to provide a bed for whoever is looking after me each night and the only real option to do so is to put the bed in the little bedroom i had been using as an office. However, that leaves me having to find a home for my desk.

The lounge has no space, and the large cupboard the estate agent described as a "study" has no power sockets… so the only place for my desk to go is in my bedroom. This is not ideal.

I have tried my best to keep my bedroom just for sleeping and relaxing. Due to the way my support works and my shyness, i already spend 14 to 16 hours each day in my bedroom hiding from the carers or sleeping.

With my desk in my room i will also be working from my bedroom, and that makes the issue worse. In the last few days i’ve spent 20+ hours each day in my room.

I cannot magic an easy fix. For all the time i have the sleep in support i will need to provide a bed and thats not going to change for a while.

With that in mind i am working around it. It is nice to have my iMac in my room and i am making the most of it being there. Using it to play games in the evening between the time i head to bed and the time i go to sleep is fun.

My room does feel safe and calm so its a good place for me to be. I can use it as a base and then venture into the lounge and out to the cafe when i have the energy.

Its not the traditional use of space, but it wont be forever. Until then i have to just find ways to make it work out well.


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