Week 50 - Getting Settled

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I’ve not been able to write as much since i moved into my new home for a few reasons. First, i’ve been really busy helping out a friend on a side project, and secondly because there’s not a whole lot to write about.

 Side Projects.

My new home is good, but not magic. Eventually i do think i will be okay sleeping here alone, but it’s going to take a while. Untill then, i’m sleeping at my friends house each weekend.

This works okay but it is a strain on everyone. Luckily, since the move i have had more energy so i have at least been able to use the time more productively. In the past, i mostly slept each weekend, but now i have some energy.

I have used the time to take on a small coding project to help out a freind and also to help work on the car. I eventually finished replacing the brakes on my freinds project car with him last weekend. We started in March!

Carers / Babysitters.

The new carers are doing really well, i may even call them hounorary babysitters at this rate. We into a good routine. I get what i need done and they say its pretty fun for them too. I’m apparently quite easy to look after, which is good!

For most of the visit my freinds mum visits too, but slowly she is starting to arrive later and will soon also be leaving sooner. Its going to take a while, but slowly its working out.

Final thoughts.

Some stuff is still frustration. Social services are still being somewhat unhelpful and the overnight support has been delayed again, but we are making do. Hopefully it wont be long before the carers are doing both evening and overnight visits which will really help my freinds out.


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