Week 47 - Brilliant Birthday

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Today is my 27th Birthday and i have had a really amazing day with my friends. For those keeping track, i moved to a new home a few weeks ago and things are starting to settle. The new home is helping a ton.

This birthday week has been awesome, on Friday i went for a 2 hour bike ride with a friend to explore a local park. That’s only my second adventure ride since i got unwell in later 2014! It was great fun. I then slept most of the afternoon to recover. I slept at my freinds house overnight.

Saturday was my recovery day, i went to the cafe for lunch as normal and saw my boyfriend. Then had a nap. We then visited my friends and joined in with a BBQ. Then back to my new flat for a quiet evening with the boyfreind. It was lovely.

Sunday (today) was my actual birthday. We went go karting, we picked a super early sunday morning slot and the place was almost empty. The two 15 minute sessions where lots of fun. I love karting, this is the first time since my operation i have been well enough to go! Its a new track close to my home. I was fastest in both sessions and my fastest lap time of the day was in the top 2% ever. Im really happy with that given in total i have spent less than 30 minutes on the new track.

I’m going to enjoy tonight and carry the positive momentum into the week. Lots of stuff is starting to work now, but i wanted to get this weeks very positive post up while everything was still fresh.

I still dont have much if any speech, but sometimes it just doesnt matter much. My 27th year has started very well indeed!


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