Week 42 - Balance is improving, yay!

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I’m writing this on Sunday, it’s almost 6pm and i decided now would be a good time to document the last week and a bit before i started my evening routine with the babysitter at 7pm.

This week was very positive. With three weeks of solid sleep behind me i am really starting to be able to get stuff done.

This week the big thing was getting the keys to my flat and then getting a new phone line installed. It was a bit stressfull to arrange, but its worked out really well. The new phone line is in the perfect place. yay!

It’s been really nice to be so able again. With some stability and sleep i am having more energy each day. Things which would have been impossible a few weeks ago are now possible. I’m not currently in extreme energy preservation mode.

This is all really good, it puts us in a good position to make the move really succsessful.

Our plan is to move in phases. Today i have been packing up my things into boxes ready to get the big things moved on Wednesday when we are going to hire a van.

Once my stuff is moved i will then slowly start spending more and more time at the new flat. Im going to start by having my evening routine there with the babysitter and then seeing how it goes.

I’m really excited and hopeful this this move will really help my recovery and hopefully lead to be getting my speech back before too long!


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