Week 41 - New support plan going well.

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This week was first week of new support plan. The week has gone well:

Work - I got lots of work done Monday to Wednesday.

Sleep in support - i slept 4-5 hours both nights, slightly calmer than previous nights.

Shopping - I did a shop at the big Tesco alone during the week. A big achievement for my autonomy.

The next two days are down as recovery days but i will try and get a bit of preparation done for work next week if i can.

I think four things came together to make this week easier.

Well rested

Before the two nights at my flat I’d spent over a week staying with friends sleeping well. I was far less tired so had more energy I could use for work and staying calm.

Flat visits

During the first few days of the week I was visiting the flat for specific things (to do a specific work task, or to play forza) and they visits went well. The moment I felt uncomfortable I left again so I didn’t feel trapped. This helped me to prepare and ease into the transition.


I’ve restarted my evening routine with the babysitter and it’s been really really nice to be back in routine!

Less interaction overnight

We have simplified the interaction with the sleep in carer by removing it. I get all the bedtime tasks done with the babysitter and have gone to bed before the sleep in support lady arrives.

She is there if I need help during the night. I’m certainly calmer and better able to sleep with her here than here alone. I sleep much much better with friends here but it is improving slowly.

What next?

It’s been a good week. Alongside the new support plan working a bit better we also have the super positive news that my new flat will be ready sometime next week!

I’m very excited about my new flat. My goal for next few weeks is to just keep going and build lots of positive momentum ready for the move.


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