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Please pardon the Star Wars reference, i couldn’t help myself. Today i submitted the paperwork for a new flat! We saw it at the weekend and it is very exciting.

Why move.

The aim of the move is to feel safer. There are other good things (more space, parking, fibre broadband) but first and foremost we hope my new home will simply feel safer.

The best thing about the flat is where its. It sits between my freinds house and his mothers retirement flat. That gives me two sources of support within a 1 minute walk.

Its really quite too, the other flats are mostly occupied by older couples and the front door leads out into a lovely shared garden. The flat is secure and safe regardless of if i remember to lock the door.

This is all super positive for reducing the amount of anxiety i live with day to day.

The moving process.

Once we have the keys we will move my stuff across. We’re keeping to the same support plan. I will stay with freinds most of the week and spend evenings at the new flat with the babysitter. If I find myself comfortable in the new flat, i may spend afternoons there alone.

Once i am ready, i will start spending the night at the flat alone with the babysitter. We will then slowly increase the time spent in the new flat as my energy levels allow.


We have known for a long time that my housing is the biggest driver of my anxiety. In order to escape my flat i visit cafe’s etc, but that takes up more and more energy over time. Living my entire life escaping anxiety is a bad way to live.

The new flat is a new start. With some luck it will greatly reduce the amount of anxiety in my life and i then i can get back to my work and spending enjoyable time with my freinds.


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