Week 39 - Living between two places.

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At the moment, i don’t really live in any one place. I spend most of my time between 3 places and sleep in 2 different beds most weeks.

I never spend more than 4 nights sleeping in the same before its time to go somewhere else.

As someone who requires sameness, structure and predictability from my environment, this is a really big problem. I never get to settle anywhere.

The main reason for this is a lack of suitable housing, or adequate funding for me to make my housing suitable by arranging support.

I have helpful friends, but they have limits. We do the best we can.

Depending on how you define "home" i am homeless.

I think for somewhere to count as a "home" it must feel safe. My flat doesn’t feel safe. I am forced to be there because i don’t have any better options right now. We try to get around the issue by arranging for other people to be there with me, but at the base of it, my flat is not my home.

The other place i stay is not my home either. It’s my friends house. I am always very aware that there is a time i am due to leave. I don’t go there, i "visit". I am extremely lucky to have flexible kind friends, but the reality it’s not my home there either.

The biggest single issue in my life is not "anxiety", or "speech" or "energy". It’s housing.

Without appropriate housing, my environment causes all the issues above, turning impairments into disabilities.

I don’t have a home. I live between two places and slowly, it is killing me.


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