I got an Apple Watch!

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I finally got an Apple Watch. Well, Lion brought it for me. He’s the one with the money!

Last week at Apple’s big developer event, they revealed the third version of the Apple Watch software (watchOS 3). It’s a complete rethink of the how the watch works. It looks brilliant.

I had been considering the watch before, i had an app idea but it didn’t look possible on the old watch software so i wasn’t rushing to get one.

If it was just my app idea i might have waited for new hardware and the official release in "Fall". However, the new watch software has a few other features which interest me and make it compelling all by itself.

With Watch OS3, my watch becomes…

A way to contact friends in an emergency

Watch OS 3 has an emergency mode and Medical ID tool. It allows me to communicate directly to my friends if i am in distress, and if needed contact the emergency services. I just press and hold a button.

It also has a "Medical ID" screen i have configured to tell emergency responders my name, that i am autistic and that it is essential that the lion is kept with me.

I’m hoping this will help me to feel safer at home, a big challenge in my life

A communication tool

The Proloquo4Text app i use on my iPod / iPhone / iPad is also on the watch. I have preloaded it with a few phrases so i can show that text to someone if needed. For example, it has some text to explain that i am autistic and cannot talk and also some text to ask for help. I also preloaded my favourite cake at the Cafe so i can ask for it more easily when its busy.

I am hoping this will make me feel calmer when i am out and about as i have some easy communication options right on my wrist a few taps away.

A heartbeat and anxiety monitor

The watch monitors my heartbeat throughout the day. I am really curious to see if this data shows any patterns relating to when i am very anxious. This is useful data for establishing patterns in my life and gives me evidence to measure how effective other tools are.

A mindfulness tool

There is a new mindfulness app in Watch OS which talks me through breathing exercises and reminds during the day to pause and relax. Ive tried it a few times and it seems pretty good. Another useful tool to help me manage within an environment i find very hostile. A good prompt too.

Routine manager

For now it will be via the calendar app, but i am hoping an alert on my wrist will be harder to miss than an alert on my phone.

Longer term, i plan to port my routine apps with the step by step artwork. I can then use the watch to step through my routines more independently.

I also wont loose it as often as i loose my iPod touch!

Payment method

Finally, the watch has Apple Pay. I use Apple Pay every day in the cafe using my phone. Having it on the watch helps to make the entire process a little smoother and easier. Not a huge benefit, but a nice one!

Final Thoughts.

Im going to spend a few weeks with it to see how it works out. The first impression is good. I am looking forward to hopefully working on my routines app this week.

While none of the tools are huge, added up they are a compelling reason for me to try the watch. The more of the tools i can use which help me feel calm and safe, the more i can enjoy my life.

Oh, apparently the watch can also be used to tell the time…


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