Week 33 to 35 - Three amazing weeks.

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May was a really positive and successful month for me. The month started with two big things. A return to BBC work after a month on medical leave and traveling up to Grimsby to present at a conference. Both things went really well.

After the Grimsby talk I had two good stable weeks for my normal routine. I was dreading them because I didn’t expect to have as much support as we’d hoped. We’re stilling finding it very hard to arrange morning support via an agency.

In the end Carrie (the evening babysitter) was able to visit for a few mornings too help ease the transition. That was a great foundation. I got lots done in work, and with the extra support in place from Carrie we were able to try some new things.

Iv’e already written at length about visiting the swings, but it really is a HUGE achievement in only a few weeks. Great work by the people supporting me!

During the two weeks we also tried time alone with the overnight babysitter for the first time. Not all night, just a few hours.

Last week was by far the most ambitious week i have had since my operation.

Early in the week i got a train to Manchester where i met my manager Gareth, stayed in a hotel and then spoke at a conference! Then i got the train back, and Carrie was able to pick me me up from the station.

We timed it all around my normal routines. It worked really well.

That was a HUGE achievement, and my support network was amazing. I got back and slept really well. Then had a day to rest. On Friday i gave another presentation in Reading and met Temple Grandin! It was a really awesome day! My friends are amazing. I had my words back for a bit! Always thrilling.

I think 2 hours of speech in one week is the most since last august so that is good.

The next few weeks are back to my routines lots. I am also getting my new bed delivered which will be wow!


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