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My life is surreal sometimes. I was super duper lucky and yesterday I had an awesome adventure to a special school!

The babysitter who looks after me each evening works at a special school for auties. Yesterday I went to the school for a play day while she worked.

It was a surprise. She told me Friday night. She had already talked about it to my friends who thought it sounded fun.

I was excited and worried and I didn’t sleep very well.

Carrie (the babysitter) gave me some pictures and we did schedule. That helps to stop the elephants.

My friend took me in the car.

The day was super fun. I am still smiling. I played lots. They have amazing trikes! I explored the school paths on the trike with lion. They have awesome dark room I liked too. Curled up with lion with all the lights and bubble tube. I fell asleep on a giant bean bag in the dark room curled up with the lights and the lion.

I played with lots of things and had a super amazing day. My friend was laying a floor so it was good I had somewhere I could go for the day while it was loud.

I didn’t ask for the school visit. It was a surprise from the babysitter. It was such a cool day. At the school I was less shy of her. I felt safe and I relaxed. More relaxed than I been in a super super long time. I could just be me for a bit and it didn’t matter.

This is all happening because I had to ask for help after my operation. Rather than struggle and be upset and get ill again I asked for help. I never expected I’d have a day with a special school all to myself to explore and play but I’m super excited that I did.

Accepting autism is hard. I miss my speech and I get frustrated when I can’t do things. When I get frustrated I call myself stupid and silly and lazy and feel like I should just try harder. That’s not right tho. I tried ‘trying harder’ I just got more and more unwell. I need to find the techniques which work. Like strong routines and enough ‘down time’ etc.

My friends and the babysitter are so incredibly nice. They just want me to be happy and don’t mind if happy Jamie looks autie or not.

Yesterday was a wow adventure. I’m going to be smiling for ages and maybe hopefully Carrie less scary when she looks after me in evenings now.

My life is so surreal :)


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