Week 19 - Recharge needed.

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Last week was amazing. I stayed in a hotel, gave a talk and even rode a train by myself wow.

This week has been a mess. When I got back Sunday I wasn’t able to restart my routine. We caught it before it could escalate but it was a bad start. I slept pretty badly too.

Monday was a struggle and the week has picked up slowly but today was crushingly tough again.

I am positive. I just need a damn good recharge and break.

Next week I have time off work and the babysitter will be visiting more. I am hoping we can follow the same method we use for evenings. Having a schedule which she can help me step through.

I think that’s going to be very well timed.

I plan to do some writing and also to develop a new homepage for this website :)

This week I’ve not been hugely productive but I did meet two important deadlines and stayed mostly positive.

Those are achievements all of their ones. Hopefully this weekend will be quiet and simple with lots of sleep!


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