Week 13 - Starting 2016 Positively.

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I took a 2 and a half week break from sleeping in my flat over Christmas and the new year. Today it is Thursday (and new years eve) so heres a short update on our plans for next week.

Thirteen weeks in many things have settled into routine. It’s not sustainable long term, but we’re making progress.

To ease the transition back to my flat i have been visiting lots and slowly building up how long I am there. This has been good. I have also been tweaking the flat to feel nicer.

The changes have not been huge. I purchased a rug and swapped a bookcase and a desk.

The rug and bookcase are in the lounge. I moved them to make the lounge a little less sparten. While i like minimalism, its hard to live with.

At first, i went with keeping it minimal because visual mess and clutter stress me out. But now i’m happy to have a little more in the lounge in order to make it feel more homely.

The rug helps to make the flat feel more comfortable and safer too. Less hard surfaces feels nicer. I stole the idea from my friends house. When i am there alone, i sit on the rug and play xbox and its lovely! Replicating it at home seemed like a good idea!

I have also moved one of the bookcases from my bedroom into the lounge. The bookcase is mostly covered in books, toys and lego. While i keep the bookcase full of things, i dont use them much but i like to keep them.

The bookcase left in my room is the one with my clothing on. Each day has a "cubby hole" for that days clothing and i am going to start selecting a book or toy for each day too, chosen from the bookcase in the lounge.

I have moved my desk into my bedroom as its the room i feel most comfortable in. I like to have my desk alongside a wall where possible. So its in a corner. The layout of my lounge means that having my desk alonside a wall is hard. All the corners are by windows and doors etc.

Im not 100% happy having it in my bedroom. My bedroom is a place to relax, not a place for work, but i am viewing it as a comprimise to pragmatism.

Tomorrow i am doing a partial day here. I am coming over early afternoon then staying into the evening including a babysitter visit. Then the weekend with freinds and on Monday i am doing the same as tomorrow, but they staying here overnight too.

Tuesday will be a visit to friends, then back for the afternoon alone before the babysitter. Wednesday onwards will be spent visitng the hub.

I am excited about the return to work and my flat. I have missed my bed and my room. Now my lounge is also more comfortable, i am enjoying spending time here too.


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