Week 12 - Burnout. Abort.

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Last week was pretty rough. I went into the week exhausted and the burn out really set in. After two days of managing meltdowns and massive amounts of anxiety I aborted my flat to go stay with friends.

I’m really lucky I have such amazing and accommodating friends! They recognised before I did that i wasn’t coping.

I’m staying with friends till the new year. At first I didn’t want to return to my flat at all. I looked at a few supported living options but for one reason or another they were all a bad fit.

Luckily as I started to feel safe and recover from the burn out I felt more positive about a return.

The big change we have made is that from now on I won’t be in the flat for more than 4 hours alone.

By putting a limit in place it means we can keep things positive and productive. Keep the momentum going. It feels more achievable.

To make this happen we have increased the time I have the babysitter booked and also taken on a new babysitter we are working with from next week.

Hopefully that will be enough. We will have to see I guess. It’s certainly enough I feel positive about a return.

In a way, the first 3 months were round 1 and we are about to start round 2. My flat is a 6 months rental so by March I will either have to be stable there or have found something else.

It’s exciting in its own way. There are so many positives right now. The challenge is just figuring out how to make it all work.


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