Week 5 - Focusing on speech.

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Last week was very challenging. Monday night we had the first visit with the new babysitter and it was very tough ending in a very near miss with a panic attack. Doh.

Tuesday and Wednesday’s visits went better and the 4th visit today went better again.

We are starting the cross over. Tomorrow I am going to be home alone with the babysitter for the first time only for 30 minutes to start with.

We’re also changing a few other things. Last week I managed two nights alone and they were terrible. I didn’t sleep and that caused other issues. So we’re dropping that’s goal for now.

Rather than work on my sleeping were instead focusing on my routine. With a big timetable to help.

A friend is going to stay every night for the next two weeks and were focusing in things like showering, food and sleeping.

Something which is going well is that I have been more verbal recently. Not speech yet as such but the odd single words, or muffled phrase. It’s good.

We’re hoping 2 weeks of stability will help with the speech. Fingers crossed.

Another nice thing is that I have a new phone! My first new phone in 3 years. My old phone network didn’t work in my new flat so I have switched provider. They did me a deal on a new iPhone 6S. It’s very shiny. I am keeping my old phone as s backup for my speech.


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