Week 4 - New routine, small achievements adding up

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It’s Sunday which means this is the start of my forth week in my new flat.

This post is a quick summery of where we are so far with new things plus a run down of this weeks achievements.

It sounds corny and a bit stupid, but I like writing down the things I have done. It reminds me of the progress. Even if it’s small it’s still positive momentum.

new babysitter.

After meeting her last week the new babysitter starts visiting tomorrow.

She’s been really proactive so far. Working with us to make a new timetable and routine for her visits.

At the moment were focusing on using the time to get the basics done (food, teeth, etc). It’s a great start. It can build to more things in the future.

The hope is more routine and sameness will help make the solo sleeping and speech easier.

This is my 8th week without speech. I managed to kinda say one of my best friends name today and other words drop out from time to time but that’s about all.

Achievements last week.

Last week had so many cool achievements I’m going to have to use a bullet point list.

  • met new babysitter
  • had first general visitor
  • attended a day of training in work the other side of london
  • traveled to Manchester and had. 2 productive days with my team
  • did my first batch of laundry (without any help!)
  • helped a friends mum move house.
  • did two trips to Tesco
  • lots of cycling
Night alone stats.

This week I did one night alone and only the one night at home. So of the 27 nights I have lived here I have only slept alone for 5.

That’s a start. Tonight I am trying a follow up night. A second night alone in a row. Hoping it goes well.

Progress is not fast. But it is steady.

I think this week is really important. It’s the start of the long term pattern. Last week worked but the support cost (in both time and money) was huge. Friends have been having to takes days off too help make things happen and that’s not sustainable.

With the new babysitter in place hopefully it won’t be long till she can provide most of the day to day support and reduce the overhead slightly.


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