Week 3 - A Plan Comes Together.

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We’re about midway through my third week in my new flat so time for an update on how it’s going.

This week is an odd one! With two seemingly opposed goals. This week I am focusing on my work (with a big trip) and stability (trying to get routines sorted to hopefully get my speech back).

New Babysitter.

A few weeks ago we placed an advert on findababysitter.com to find someone to help out in the evenings.

We got a ton of replies and we met our favourite candidate on Monday and she was brilliant. My friends had done two phone interviews before and they really liked her.

She works in an autism school and does the babysitting as a side job.

For us, she’s going to be popping in each evening to help with things like food and keeping a routine going.

The hope is she can help with more adventurous things in the future. (Like going to martial arts lessons or swimming).

We’re arranging support for a short period each morning and a longer period each evening.

Hopefully the regular pattern of support and routine will help me get my speech back and work on being able to spend the night at home alone.

Word trip.

I work for the BBC and most of my team are in Salford. I find travel really hard so I don’t go and see them often.

However the hope is to see them more and this week I am traveling up to Salford.

I’m not ready to travel alone yet so a friend is coming with me to provide some support.

It’s a bit challenge but it should also be a fun adventure. I do like spending time with my team.

Solo nights.

So far this week I have not slept at home much. Week 2 was also a bit limited.

I think of 17 nights I have done 5 alone, 5 with friends and now 7 staying elsewhere.

The hope is that once we have more momentum with the routine I can try a few more nights solo.

The progress is slow but it’s still progress. Having the new babysitter setup and traveling for work are huge steps in the right direction so I am very positive about the future.


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