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When I charge & what I charge


A little exploring of when I charge for presentations and what I charge.

Settling in to my new home.


It feels kind of amazing, but its already been about 6 weeks since i moved into my new home. It’s been a pretty long, but positive transition. In this post i’m going to reflect on what is working well and what will need some future tweaking.

New long term home.


I’ve not written much in 2018. I have been super busy with other autism projects… but more on that in the near future.

Today, i’d like to share some wonderful new. This afternoon i exchanged contracts on a new flat. I should get the keys sometime tomorrow.

I have a new home!

Greenside Adventure.


An amazing day with a few unexpected twists.

Defining support types.


Defining things is a good way to understand them. This post looks at the differences between carer / support worker / babysitter / friend.

Defining concepts for 2018


2018 has had a bit of a rough start. Some things where muddled, this post is all about how we went about un-muddling them.

What's important to me in 2018


I’ve had an incredible end too 2017. I started making a BBC podcast, i’ve traveled to Sweden and around the UK for my work and i even managed to start learning too fly a plane.

With 2018 already underway i wanted to do a quick post to explore what’s important to me in 2018.

Karting, Cycling and Flying.


The last few months have been really great. My support setup is working well and i took some time of work to recharge a little after a few busy months.

I also had my 28th birthday. Here is some of the things i have been up to in roughly chronological order.

Previews of my future.


What I can do when I am staying with friends is a good way of seeing into the future.

Aspie versus Autie can go very wrong indeed.


A topic which comes up from time to time is around the difference between “Aspergers” or “ASD”. Diagnostically the difference is very small (age of speech development), however in other ways the difference is much more pronounced.

Building a visual temperature guage with a BBC Micro:bit.


Many people might find it difficult to know if a room is the correct temperature. For example, parents of young children, or autistic people who have low sensitivity to heat.

I am autistic and i struggle to know if i am “too hot” or “too cold”, so i have built myself a mini tempreture gauge which shows me if the room is hot or cold in a visual icon based way.

Holiday Time.


It’s been a while since i updated, here is some of what i have been up too!

How we approach reducing meltdowns with a variation budget.


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