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Karting, Cycling and Flying.


The last few months have been really great. My support setup is working well and i took some time of work to recharge a little after a few busy months.

I also had my 28th birthday. Here is some of the things i have been up to in roughly chronological order.

Previews of my future.


What I can do when I am staying with friends is a good way of seeing into the future.

Aspie versus Autie can go very wrong indeed.


A topic which comes up from time to time is around the difference between “Aspergers” or “ASD”. Diagnostically the difference is very small (age of speech development), however in other ways the difference is much more pronounced.

Building a visual temperature guage with a BBC Micro:bit.


Many people might find it difficult to know if a room is the correct temperature. For example, parents of young children, or autistic people who have low sensitivity to heat.

I am autistic and i struggle to know if i am “too hot” or “too cold”, so i have built myself a mini tempreture gauge which shows me if the room is hot or cold in a visual icon based way.

Holiday Time.


It’s been a while since i updated, here is some of what i have been up too!

How we approach reducing meltdowns with a variation budget.


Thoughts on Managing Transition Days


This post looks at how i manage the transition between the various places i sleep and how we have made the days less stressful and more productive.

Better speach and upcoming adventures.


The last month has been really positive. We’re really starting to see the positive outcomes which come from getting the right support in place.

My thoughts on Room Scale VR from the autistic perspective.


Autism festival of Swansea.


Over the weekend i had the pleasure of contributing to the Autism Festival a Swansea. I had a really enjoyable time so i wanted to write a little about why i had fun and leave some thoughts about the content and wider angle the conference sent.

A Better Daily Routine.


A few weeks ago we made some changes to my daily routine and they have been really positive. We sort of knew these changes where needed, but getting ill was a good catalyst to get the changes made. This post explores what changes we made and why.

"Your Bleeding From your Head..."


The last few weeks have been very intense. This post tells the story of my recent trip to A&E.

Applying the social model well. (Example!).


I burnt myself, and this post explains how applying the social model helped me find an effective strategy to keep myself safer in the future.

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