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Accept & Support.


Over the last week i have been amazed at how accepting and supportive the learning disability team are in how they work with me. This post explores why and how.

So far so good.


Today is my third morning since we started the new support plan and so far it’s going pretty well. To make it simple, for the first 5 nights the support person i know best has been looking after me and thats gone well.

Independence starts tomorrow.


My new routine starts tomorrow and it’s a bit scary but also very exciting. We are starting with 5 nights at my flat with the learning disabillity team looking after me.

No masking.


My approach to the concept of masking and some the the thoughts behind it.

AAC for verbal autistic people.


I was recently asked over Twitter to share my experiences with AAC, here is a summery of my thoughts.

A taste of independence & autonomy.


This week has been a huge adventure. I have been staying with friends because the babysitter was unwell and the LD team are not ready to take over yet.

Travelling Tools & Tips.


Tomorrow i am going to Germany with my freinds. We are visiting the [largest indoor waterpark in the world](german water park indoor largest) for a few days. This is my first trip to mainland europe and my first time in a country with a different language.

With that in mind, i thought it would be useful to share some of the tools i am taking with me and some of the techniques we will use

Language matters: why I can't recommend some autism trainers / authors.


This post details the conflict I get into when I need to weigh a principle I hold against the pragmatic effect on others.

My Support Network.


As we get towards the end of 2016 i wanted to document my support network now and also write a bit about the changes which are coming in 2017.

Identity is hard - why I use identity first language


Some thought on what identity means to me and then how that influences the language I use.

Making my bets: new support plans.


When i worked in the BBC Radio and Music team one of the senior managers used to use the phrase "making bets" when it came to strategy decisions. I always liked the tone, it was a clear intention, but also an acceptance that it was a guess.

With that in mind, i’m starting to make a few bets of my own with my care.

Where to develop next?


The last few months have been really positive for me. We have mostly resolved the housing issues which where causing so much of the anxiety. Everyday still feels a bit like an exam, but it’s an exam i am well prepared for and can leave at anytime.

The reduced anxiety gives me a chance to look at how i am approaching my life and to re-evaluate my goals and ambitions.

Abandon Office, Abandon Office...


Its surprisingly difficult to fit an extra bed into my flat alongside a sensible and safe working environment.

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